Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 24th, Happy Birthday Utah!

So while we were waiting for it to get dark and start our firework display, we found this beauty on our back porch...

 We already knew it wasn't dangerous and actually helpful for some things so Mark took it far from the house and let it go out there.  After that we decided to do some smoke bombs since it was still light out.  He accidentally threw it a little far and it went in the bushes...

 A lot cooler of effect than the regular ones on the street don't ya think? 
 Then off with some smokers and poppers

And then a rainbow...

 Another smoker in the bushes...



I hope all of you enjoyed your 24th of July holiday as much as we did!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Utah Hogle Zoo

On Saturday my mom took us to the Zoo.  They are having their 'Zoorasic Park' days until August so we got to see dinosaurs throughout the zoo.  I thought Andrew would LOVE this but once he saw some he tells me, "Mom, I saw some fake dinosaurs over there".  I know he had fun with them but does he have to kill the mood by telling us they are fake?  Anyway, here are a few (okay, a LOT) of pictures of that day...

 The pinchers got him in the one below...He's so cleaver!

 Ah, Alligator got him!


 There is an Andrew in that window there, can you find him?

 These dilophosauruses really spit water at you, great way to cool down!

 Tanner (my nephew) is on the gorilla's shoulder.  He was able to come with us this day, along with his parents Kollin and Ali.  We had so much fun!

 The rhinos were so close to the window, it was so awesome!
 At least for everyone who wasn't 2 it was awesome.  Julie got scared, they kept looking up at ya and I think that freaked her out a little bit.


We didn't get to finish our zoo trip because just after the reptile house Julie was crouched over, holding her belly and screaming.  Turns out her belly button, which is usually an innie, was sticking out like a finger was coming out of her stomach.  It freaked us out!  We went to first aid and by then her belly was back to normal.  He felt around and it was a little ruggid still, he thinks it was constipation and thought we should visit the hospital.  Well, we don't have insurance so thankfully Ali's dad let us go to his house.  He's a pediatrician at Primary Children's Hospital so we ran to his house and said everything was fine.  I guess about 10% of kids have a balloon belly button.  It will inflate sometimes and the sooner you can push it back in the better.  If it ends up staying out then surgery is needed.  Since this was Julie's first time it was extremely painful for her.  We took her home and she slept for like 4 hours.  She's all better now, we'll take them back to the zoo soon since Andrew wanted to ride the train and we weren't able to do that.  Glad they both had fun and are both safe right now!